• Meet Oliver Mann, Mararoa School

    I love being part of the KRtK Leadership team. It lets me connect with our environment more, something that I enjoy.

    My favourite hobbies are camping, tramping, sailing and modelling.

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  • Meet Tarn Willans, Southern Stars Early Learning Centre

    I am an Early Childhood Teacher at Southern Stars Early Learning Centre. (See also 'Who's Involved' section.)

    Being the Southern Stars Rep for the KRTK Leadership Team combines my passion for conservation (I used to work for DoC) and the environment with teaching young children, especially when I take the 'Southern Adventurers' from Southern Stars onto the Kepler Track at Rainbow Reach and the Control Gates. 

    I love how the children get so excited and enthusiastic as we explore and investigate life in the Fiordland bush. What makes it even more exciting is when some of these children come back to Southern Stars and tell me that they have revisited these sites with their families!

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  • Meet Iona Brimecombe - Fiordland College

      Hi, I'm Iona Brimecombe, a Fiordland College student.

    I chose to be involved with Kids Restore the Kepler because I enjoy being in the outdoors and I love to observe our native wildlife. I think that Kids Restore the Kepler is all about protecting our native flora and fauna in the kepler area and getting kids to appreciate the outdoors and all that's in it.

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  • Meet Tom McMurtrie - Te Anau School

            Hello, my name is Tom. I represent Te Anau School in the Kids Restore the Kepler project and am on the Te Anau School Green Team.  My hobbies are drawing, rugby, soccer, cricket, cubs, fishing and learning about the environment. My Dad works for DoC and runs a trapping programme on Fiordland Islands off the coast, and I enjoy helping him and learning about protecting the Fiordland environment.

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  • Meet Vaughn Filmer, Teacher at Fiordland College

    Vaughn has been involved with the KRtK project since its launch in 2010. He has participated in a number of aspects, from putting out traps and then checking them to coordinating meetings, camp projects and subject integration at Fiordland College.

    His highlights include a trip to Auckland to meet the Air NZ Environment Trust and executives, filming for the Erin Simpson Show and seeing the students' involvement grow each year.

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  • Meet Sophia Humphries, Year 12 Fiordland College

    Sophia is part of the KRtK Leadership team. She has been involved with the project since Year 10, with her first involvement being to help check traps on the kids' line and to install seed fall trays.

    During the Year 10 camp Sophia took on a leadership role demonstrating trapping.

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  • Meet Catherine Brimecombe, DOC Ranger

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    Kia ora! I'm Catherine and my main job is looking after the birds at the Te Anau Wildlife Centre. I am also involved in writing the text for Meet the Locals, which is great fun. The Kepler is really special to me because it was the first overnight track I walked as an adult and it changed my life! As I battled strong, icy winds on the alpine section of the track found myself wondering how the plants and birds that live up there survive. I have been asking those questions, and seeking the answers ever since and I have found that curiosity makes life AMAZING!

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  • Meet Blake de Bettencor - Te Anau School

    Hi, my name is Blake de Bettencor and I represent Te Anau School in the Kids Restore the Kepler project.

    I have enjoyed bush walks on the Kepler Track for as long as I can remember (and even before that, when I was a baby and too small to walk by myself my parents carried me!). I have always loved the Kepler and think it is really important to protect the special places we have in Fiordland and the rest of New Zealand.

    I love to hike, mountain bike, play soccer, swim, go boating, read, draw, paint pictures and explore the outdoors. I am also a member of the Te Anau School Green Team, our school environment team.

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  • Meet Fiordland Kindergarten teachers

    Hi we are the team from Fiordland Kindergarten. (See also 'Who's Involved' section.)

    For five years we have been running a very successful Nature Discovery programme which focuses on children exploring and learning in nature about nature and our special place.

    We are dedicated to and very proud to be part of the Kids Restore the Kepler project as protecting and learning about our environment sits alongside our philosophy, practice and Nature Discovery programme.

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  • Meet Ruud Kleinpaste, the 'Bugman'

    "This has to be the most inspiring project on the planet"

    Ruud Kleinpaste is dedicated to protecting our natural environment and building conservationists of the future. He says "If we are serious about restoring our New Zealand, we have to be serious about the control of introduced predators. There's no way our native animals can thrive with these carnivores sharing their habitat". He is on the Executive Committee for Kids Restore New Zealand

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  • Meet Will Hamilton, Te Anau School

          Hi, I am Will Hamilton from Te Anau School.

    I have a leadership role in Kids Restore the Kepler because of my interests in tramping and climbing in the Fiordland National Park.

    I also like possum, rat and mouse trapping too. I love the bird song and hope to hear more of it in the bush, rather than on i phones.


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  • Meet Jake Tither, Fiordland College

    Hi, I am Jake Tither and I am part of the Kids Restore the Kepler Leadership Team.

    I live on a farm in Te Anau and I play rugby and tennis and also love playing the guitar and singing.  I have a keen interest in our environment because I love the outdoors and want to learn more about our environment and spend more time out there.  I love hiking in the local mountain areas with my Dad and think it’s really important that we look after it as much as we can.

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  • In memory of Caroline Carter (1974 - 2015)

    Caroline was involved in this project from the very beginning. In 2012 she took on the role as the project's first Education Coordinator. She believed that the most important thing we can do right now is to educate NZ children about what it takes to protect conservation values.

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  • Meet Alessandra Menegatti - Education Coordinator



    Ciao, originally from Italy, I have a PhD in Geology / Biostratigraphy. I am a trained Science Teacher and have worked in UK and in NZ.

    I think that children can see an ocean in a puddle: a rock is an island and a twisted stick is a sea snake…  But they also have the natural ability to see things for what they are, combined with the wittiness of saying it out loud. We must nurture these skills, for children to understand how everything fits together (plants, animals, climate and geography) and how things that originate far away can affect us here. 



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  • Meet Sid Spence, Mararoa School

    Hi, my name is Sid Spence and I represent Mararoa School on the Kids Restore The Kepler. I live at the Key and my hobbies are tennis, rugby, archery, drawing and fishing.

    I like being part of the KRTK because I would like to make the Kepler Track free of pests and full of birds and native wildlife.

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